About The Editor / Instructor:

Ms. Lee is an avid Christian and a self-taught successful Internet entrepreneur.  Her journey into Internet education started over 20 years ago. Her Internet experience speaks for itself and includes successful Internet entrepreneur, and researcher, freelance instructor, and business consultant.  Her background includes bookkeeper and Tax Preparer. 

Shortly after the Internet appeared on the scene, she started working for an Internet-based recruiting company which initiated a passion and drive in her to learn everything she could about the Internet. She created her very first website manually using HTML in the early days of the Internet. Later down the road, she went on to use free internets software programs such as  Zen Cart, Moodle, WordPress, Joomla, PHP forum, and many others to her advantage.

She became so knowledgeable in Internet Marketing and Promotion, that the Internet-based company she was working for, paid her to consult the company CEO on the subject. After the company folded due to 911, she started her very own Internet retail business, on only a shoestring budget. She turned her Internet Business into a highly profitable family business and a full-time career!

Through one of her retail websites, she had the delight of being contacted by the Martha Steward Show and Extreme Home Makeover, in search of products for their programs. Ms. Lee credits her online success to having learned SEO early in her Internet career.

She is also the founder of The Learning Annex Program, hosted by a local nonprofit organization. The program empowers low and moderate-income women through entrepreneurship education. Ms. Lee has also worked as a community outreach event coordinator for various faith-based organizations. Her desire is to empower ordinary people to turn their dreams of business ownership into a reality!.

She created this website in the hopes that anyone and everyone regardless of their economic background, be given the opportunity to learn how to start and succeed in a business online, starting on only a shoestring budget!

In Her Own Words:

 I am a living witness that an Internet business can be started with very little financial investment, yet can be turned into a highly profitable business. I believe with the right know-how, hard work, and determination anyone can succeed in an Internet business. After all, the whole world is your marketplace on the super information highway known as the Internet!