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Empowering Women
To Start And Succeed In A Business Online

Starting a business can be exciting and financially rewarding, but it can also be very challenging! And you can also waste a lot of value time and money, if you are not sure what you are doing! 

Women Entrepreneurship

“A man can work from sun to sun but a women’s work is never done. ” Jean Little.

Some of the struggles women who desire to start a business of their very own can encounter, are balancing responsibilities of household and children, limited time to learn everything needed to be successful in their business endeavor and lack of funding. 

Our mission is to help relieve the stress of feeling overwhelmed, which is a common experience among  first time entrepreneurs  . We are here to help you so that you can get more organized, be able to do more, achieve more, and earn more. 


The Busy Bee Post is a business accelerator, providing guidance and resources to help aspiring entrepreneurs to turn their dream of business ownership success into a realty!

Whether you are trying to start a business online, or promote your present business online , we can help you get started quickly and easily and on only a shoestring budget!

The Only Limitation Is Your Imagination!

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Resources And Mini Courses

Business Startup Support

We offer Small Business Startup Support, with someone who has the right amount of experience, a good attitude, and a strong commitment to see you succeed!

DIY Bookkeeping Support

Bookkeeping can not only be challenging, but costly, for someone just starting out in business. We can help you get started quickly and easily and on only a shoestring budget .