My passion is to empower women, of all economic and cultural backgrounds to turn their dreams of business ownership into a reality! 

About Me

 I am an avid Christian and a self-taught successful Internet entrepreneur. My experience includes Internet entrepreneurship, researcher, freelance instructor and business coach. My professional career skills include Bookkeeping and Tax Preparation. 

When I first started an Internet business over 15 years ago, I started with little money and even less knowledge, yet almost overnight my online business turned into a full time career. I learned early in my Internet career how to utilize freely available Internet resources, software and applications.  

I created my very first website manually using HTML in the early days of the Internet. Later down the road I took advantage of free software applications such as Zen Cart, Moodle, WordPress, Joomla, PHP forum, and many others. I credit my online success to having learned SEO early in my Internet career which allowed me to enjoy unlimited traffic to my website without spending a dime on advertising. 

In the course of my online retail business I had the delight of being contacted  by the Martha Steward show and Extreme Home makeover in search of products for their shows. 

Community Involvement

I am the founder of The Learning Annex Program, hosted by a local nonprofit organization. The program is designed to empower low and moderate-income women through entrepreneurship education. I also organized many different community outreach events  and ministries for various faith-based organizations. 

One of the annual community events I coordinated is the JRock Community Day Festival for the local Salvation Army.. Due to the pandemic the entrepreneurial education program and community festival is no longer being offered. 

Now I spend my time working as a virtual assistant to give newbies the support they need to succeed and cut through the chase of the Internet and get to the point making money!