GnuCash Tutorials

GnuCash Tutorials

D.I.Y. Small Business Bookkeeping

With Free Gnucash Accounting Software

DIY bookkeeping and save with free GnuCash accounting software. Manage your small business accounting with ease with Free GnuCash accounting software! It is powerful and versatile enough to keep track of all your financial information, from the simple to the very complex, yet easy to use.

What Can I do With GnuCash?

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Track various types of income and expense transactions including credit cards.

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Invoicing and bill pay  with Gnucash integrated A/P and A/R system.

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Reconcile your transactions  data with your business checking account with ease.

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Import various types of data including  bank transactions  and Quicken files.

Track customers and vendors, budgeting, Gnucash offers payroll support, International support, available in many different languages and more. GnuCash is designed especially for  small- to midsized-businesses and is an excellent option for startups and small businesses with limited budgets!  Gnucash is also suitable for starting your own Bookkeeping Business ! Best of all it's free!

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Gnucash Quick Start Tutorials on YouTube

Support for Absolute Beginners

Checkout What Gnucash Users Are Saying About The Tutorials :

I just wanted to drop a note and let you know that I truly appreciate your time and effort in putting together the YouTube series on GnuCash. It has been extremely helpful in finding an option for my clients that are tired of the constant price increases from the large corporations and their software. Though this may not be a long term solution for them (hopefully they grow and outgrow the software), but it is a great program for them to get an idea of what is going on in their business and what they can do to make improvements. Additionally, your teaching style is spot on, very informative, and intuitive. Excellent job!!
Tre Young
Laura from the busybee helped me get through reconciling with GNU Cash. I was so stuck; Tried three times and quit in frustration. She rebuilt my register, compared to my bank statements and showed me my errors (the ones I wasn't able to find myself). Accounting has always been challenging for me. I have lots of skills, but accounting is not one of them. It took a LONG time to learn (minimally) QuickBooks and I am not willing to pay their prices to use their system anymore. I LOVE GNU as it is Open Source and I am so grateful to Laura for helping me out of my jam.
With gratitude,
Karen Larré