GnuCash Etsy Sellers Chart Of Accounts


A prebuilt Gnucash Etsy Chart of accounts built especially for the Etsy seller. This Gnucash chart of accounts is complete with everything an Etsy seller needs to begin keeping track of their Etsy income and expenses. It also comes complete with accounts to complete your bookkeeping needs. And the cost also includes a mini-course and 6 weeks support.




The Gnucash Etsy chart of accounts comes complete with accounts you would expect in an Etsy business

Additional accounts include:
cost of goods sold
estimated tax payments
personal tax payments
and other general business expenses for an Internet business

Don’t see all the accounts you need you? With GnuCash, you can easily edit or add new accounts.

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How it works:

Pay, and download the Etsy chart of accounts, upload the Etsy chart of accounts to your GnuCash desk software with step-by-step instructions, and you are ready to begin your Etsy bookkeeping.

You will receive a link to our mini quick start course which will walk you through the steps of setting up your Etsy chart of accounts. And will offers tips and advice for getting started and a link to more detailed information on using GnuCash in your business.

Ask questions in our forum and find answers to using Gnucash.

The chart is known to work on the latest version of Gnucash.