Some of the qualities Fin the Pin has which would lead you to believe he would be ideal for the business he is starting:

  • Passion – He is passionate about the business he plans to start, he loves making things out of wood!

  • Educational Background – He took up carpentry in high school.

  • Experience- He worked with his uncles in the construction business doing carpentry work.

  • Ambition – He taught himself what he needed to perfect his skill.

You should have some if not all of these basic qualities going into your new business venture. All these qualities will help you to stay committed and focused in the long run as you pursue your business endeavors.

Some other Entrepreneurial Skills you will need :

• Problem-solving

• Goal-oriented

• Self-confidence

• Risk-taker

• Good Decision-making skills

• Organized

• Persistent

• Communication skills

• Leadership ability

Any skills you don’t have now you can work on as you go along.